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Church Child Care

Whether it’s a weekly Sunday service, a special event, or a vibrant community gathering, our committed team is devoted to creating an inclusive environment where every member of your congregation can actively participate while their children receive attentive care.

Our mission is to provide a seamless experience, allowing individuals to engage in fellowship without the concerns of arranging or paying for childcare.

Our skilled sitters go beyond basic supervision, orchestrating age-appropriate activities that guarantee children have a blast while their parents fully immerse themselves in the spiritual and social aspects of your community. Entrust us with the privilege of serving your church, and let us contribute to the cohesion and well-being of your congregation.


Church Childcare

Sitter Fees


Agency Fees

$35 per Sitter booking fee

Why Choose Us?

Faith-based learning

Church childcare programs often incorporate Christian values and teachings into their curriculum, providing a foundation for your child’s moral and spiritual development.

Holistic development:

Many church childcare programs go beyond academics and focus on a child’s overall development. They may offer programs that nurture creativity, social skills, emotional intelligence, and physical development.

Parental involvement

Church childcare programs often encourage parental involvement, providing opportunities for parents to connect with other families and participate in their children’s learning and development.

Affordable options

Church childcare programs may offer more affordable options compared to other childcare providers. Some churches even offer scholarships or financial assistance to families in need.

Benefits of a Church Child Care service:

  • Moral foundation
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Community and values
  • Nurturing and caring staff
  • Social and emotional development

Other Services


Our sitters can help with school pick-ups, date nights, weekends, occasional daytime help for work-from-home-parents – whatever your needs may be, we have you covered.

Hotel Care

Going out of town is great but often it’s nice to have an adult dinner or break from the kiddos when traveling. Our sitters are happy to engage with your kids for the day or evening while you enjoy some time alone.

Special Events

Now you have a high-quality child care solution wherever and whenever you need one. From weddings to annual conferences, we can provide qualified sitters that are perfectly matched to the age range and group size.

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